Day Training

I bet you’re looking for a dog trainer because you want someone to teach your dog whatever skills are necessary to stop a problem behavior or improve his overall manners. I also imagine that you expect the professional trainer to do most of this work, after all TRAINERS ARE THE PROFESSIONALS and that’s why you called! Day training is the perfect option for you! In the traditional training situation whether it be a class or private session, the trainer is actually acting as a coach. She teaches YOU how to teach your own dog. This is a great option if you’re interested in training dogs as a hobby but otherwise it’s often a frustrating situation that costs you time and money.

Day Training Sets Up The Owner,
The Dog and The Trainer To Succeed.

How Day Training Works

We always schedule an initial consultation to determine your goals, any special circumstances you may face, and if day training or traditional coaching is the best option for you and your dog. If both the client and trainer determine this is a good fit we will set up a weekly schedule. The trainer comes to your home for one hour, two to five times a week to work directly with your dog. At the end of the week there is a transfer session at which time the trainer teaches you the necessary skills to maintain that training. Yes, there is always some amount of effort the owner must put into training but NO, you do not have to learn to be a trainer yourself!

Who would benefit from day training?

  • Busy families or professionals
  • People who don’t want or have time to learn the skill of dog training
  • Those who want better and faster results
  • People who have dogs with more intense or complicated issues
  • People with puppies
day training
What Our Clients Say…