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Our mission at True Connection Canine Education is to help you and your dog develop the skills needed to live a peaceful, happy life together as a family.
We do more than just train your dog we also educate you about the dog that’s now become such an important part of your life. This education gives you the tools needed to be the best canine guardian you can be. We give you an honest and realistic picture about what we feel is needed to achieve all your goals so you can truly enjoy life with your canine companion.

Meet Jennifer

Because Jennifer King CPDT-KA has enjoyed the extraordinary companionship of dogs her entire life, it isn’t surprising that she’s chosen to work with them on a daily basis. She began her professional career with dogs working at a local veterinary hospital. This sparked an interest in how to help dogs and their human guardians truly enjoy all the areas of life they share.

Jennifer’s philosophy is that whether walking, playing, or training, every interaction should be pleasant and beneficial for both you and your dog, always building on mutual trust, understanding and respect. She also feels the attitude that’s brought to the training session both by herself and the dog’s guardian is critical to its success.


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Basic Manner Training

We will help you and your dog live peacefully together as part of the same happy family. The first step in this process is taking the time to meet with you, and your canine companion in your home for a consultation.

Puppy Training

Now that you’ve brought home this cute, furry, bundle of energy and joy, what next? Many people underestimate the importance of this brief time period in their dog’s life.

Behavior Consultations

Sometimes a dog comes into our life that is like no other dog we have ever met! It quickly becomes apparent that this dog, as wonderful as he is, has behavior issues that simple obedience classes won’t fix.

Day Training

The trainer comes to your home for one hour, two to five times a week to work directly with your dog. At the end of the week there is a transfer session at which time the trainer teaches you the necessary skills to maintain that training.


Call Jennifer: 1 (828)329-2852

There are a variety of ways Jennifer works with people such as in the home, at various locations. She offers an intensive program of several sessions close together.


Serving Asheville, Fletcher, Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Brevard NC Greater Areas.

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