Puppy Training

Starting Off Right

We will begin with an initial consultation where we determine the goals you have for life with your new dog. This gives us the chance to understand what experience you already have with dogs and determine which areas you need the most help.

Once training begins,
here’s some of what you can expect:
  • Begin working on any issues specific to your dog or family
  • Work to properly socialize your puppy to the world and teach you how to continue that each and every day in a way that will create wonderful experiences for you and your pup
  • Solve common puppy related behavior issues such as nipping, jumping, and more
  • Develop a house training plan to help your dog learn this as quickly as possible
  • Teach you the basics of how dogs communicate so you can understand what your dog is trying to say to you
  • Teach you the basics of how dogs learn
  • Teach the most important basic obedience skills as determined by your needs
  • Set up your home if needed to keep puppy and others safe
  • Teach you how to help keep your pup from developing some of the common problem behaviors such as separation anxiety, guarding items, not wanting to be touch or handled, and more
  • Help you to work with your puppy in order to decrease the chances of unwanted behaviors such as resource guarding, handling issues and more
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